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In 1987,  Randy Gervais founded Royal Productions Inc.

After retiring as a professional athlete at the age of 27, Randy Gervais took to the yellow pages. “The Yellow Pages started with the letter “A,” so I called an audiovisual company. I knew nothing about the industry, but I got an interview for a technician position. They gave me the job. A year and half later, in 1987, I opened Royal Productions, an audiovisual company, at the age of 28”. The first hotel that we worked in was The Royal Orleans, which is where the name Royal Productions was born.

Royal Productions specializes in building productions from the ground up. From breakout rooms to arena tours; from corporate convention meetings to rock shows, we handle them all. This has allowed us to master the art of partnering with high end hotels, convention center and Fortune 500 companies.

With over 30 years of event & guest experience, we provide the highest levels of guest service, A/V technicians, and technology in the industry. There is nothing more important to us other than the guest experience. Building a memorable event experience is what we strive to do every day.

Our staff and technology are always ready to ensure that every need is met while exceeding your guest’s event expectations. We leave everything on the table to ensure your event is an incredible success and you have a memorable experience.

Our in-house creative team are experts in stage set design and will build your idea into a 3D visualization with a level of quality that will engage, educate, and entertain your audience We will help deliver a presentation memory unlike any of your attendees have ever seen.

We constantly innovate our services to bring your ideas to life, create lasting memories & captivate your audience. Our dedication to excellence will leave you wanting an enduring relationship with Royal Productions for many years to come.